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Gone to the wayside are the days of using pen and paper to document patient encounters and reports during medical emergencies. Instead, the Goodyear Fire Department has taken big steps toward upgrading its system with the use of a newer, faster, and more efficient patient-care reporting system.

“This technology is a significant improvement to our quality of care, and saving seconds or even minutes can help save lives,” Goodyear Fire Chief Paul Luizzi said. “All of the information that used to be written by hand on a chart is entered by touch screen or stylus into an iPad tablet which immediately transmits the information to the receiving hospital before the ambulance arrives with the patient.”

Last fall, Goodyear Fire launched a new Electronic Patient Care Reporting System (ePCR) named Zoi – made possible through a $51,880 grant from the Gila River Indian Community – becoming the first Valley city to use it throughout an entire department. Now, other Valley fire departments are using the Zoi ePCR system for patient care reporting after seeing the effectiveness of Goodyear’s system. Fire departments using the Zoi ePCR system are saving as much as 25 minutes per call of employees time, getting crews back in service faster.

Since Goodyear implemented the use of the ePCRs in September, it has digitally recorded the situations and care of 4,300 patients.
“We can build specific reports to look for and identify trends within our city, such as frequent patients, frequent addresses, times and types of emergencies,” Capt. Steve Mann said. “With a computer- based system, the ways of researching and reviewing data helps the department become better prepared and more effectively respond to emergencies.”
“Most of all, we want to thank the Gila River Indian Community for selecting Goodyear for this award,” Luizzi said.
*** Article taken from InFocus September 2015

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