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Why bother with pre-hospital data collection?

‘Why not’ would be the better question. Pre-hospital data collection proves invaluable is in the event of serious car accidents, natural disasters, house fires, or any other incident in which EMS services are required.

Often times in these events, patients are unconscious or incoherent; rendering them unable to provide essential information about themselves. There are times when EMS teams have nothing but a purse, wallet or car registration papers to go on to identify their patients. There are even times when children are separated from their parents and know nothing other than their name…if that.

By using pre-hospital data collection software, EMS workers can save time and lives by communicating with the hospital from the moment they arrive at the scene of the accident.

Pre-hospital data collection can be delivered using powerful software developed by Starwest Tech, called Zoi. The use of Zoi allows healthcare professionals to obtain patient information necessary to provide adequate care as quickly as possible. Some of the pre-hospital data the Zoi ePCR Solution is able to collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identification of a person
  • Insurance information
  • Patient records such as blood type, allergies and implanted medical devices
  • Prior illnesses, surgeries and medical conditions
  • Next of kin and emergency contacts
  • Actual visual images of the sustained injuries via video or photographic images

This top-of-the-line system is like none other in the field of seamless integration technology. It is compatible with Apple iOS (iPads and iPhones) and is safer and more secure than those systems trying to duplicate the Zoi. Zoi meets all HIPPA and federal guidelines. The system is also backed by the professionalism of Starwest Tech’s team of experts and comes with a three-year free upgrades to keep current with the ever-evolving world of technology advancement.

The bottom line is this: pre-hospital data collection saves time and saving times saves lives.

Contact us to see how your facility can implement the best in pre-hospital data collection.

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