Our History

Starwest Associates roots begin in the early days of EMS, established in 1979 to develop and implement new design models, modern and future technologies and processes with a focus on integrated delivery systems in public/private partnerships for EMS and ambulance services.  Across the southwestern United States, Starwest Associates built ambulance a variety of companies focusing on integrating public/private partnerships in municipalities and healthcare networks in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and California. These organizations that are still in effect today and while some have transformed or merged with other entities they are still delivering those services today.

Headshot - Bob Ramsey

Bob Ramsey, Founder and CEO

Starwest’s founder and CEO, Bob Ramsey, has founded companies in a variety of fields: medical, ambulance, medical supplies, air transportation, information technologies and systems, reimbursement services and mobile tele-med communication process.

Starwest’s, technology division, Starwest Tech was established in 1992 to develop the technologies and systems needed to support Starwest Associates companies and EMS operations.

Starwest has a continuous reliable legacy, our technology division staff since the early 90’s have designed, developed and implemented into effective production, distinct successful technological tools for successful inter-operational use, personal service needs, best possible connectivity with customer and clients as well as financial improvements.

The Starwest Tech division, since 2006, has focused entirely on improving pre-hospital care through ePCR solutions and real-time or near real-time active management technologies.

Starwest Tech has already impacted for dramatic change the landscape, continuity of deep data agile capture and informational exchange and clinical studies through the use of technology with the creation of ePCR systems native on the device and hosted SaaS solutions, including robust active management systems for pre-hospital care; web-based clinical content management systems; and electronic patient care reporting systems for effective comprehensive information for reimbursements.

Starwest ePCR systems have been used in EMS and Fire Department operations since 2006.  In 2014 Starwest’s Zoi ePCR fire based solution emerged in the valley, over 120 enhanced versions beyond our RescuePCR ambulance ePCR platform.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of executives, software engineers, quality analysts, project managers, account managers and support experts. Our technical expertise and deep knowledge of Fire and EMS combine to deliver our innovated product and exceptional customer experience.